This is my son Michael Bennett.

He is an 8-year-old boy full of life, full of love, and full of so much promise. Much of his early life was spent in hospitals, in surgeries, and in pain. He’s endured more than most will in a lifetime. All of his experiences…

Lyrics. Written February, 2020

Sunday I chased the setting sun
A little time to melt and chance to run
Given up on the worries that get me down
I’m movin’ over to higher ground

She give me love as sweet as mountain top
Never known more joy than the five I…

“We have got to wake up (like Ferris did) with a brand-new plan for the day, one that seeks to bring others together as opposed to dividing them even more.”

There is something at stake right now that is more important than politics, policy, and who is right or wrong. That something is attuned to our every action, our rhetoric, and our example we set. That something hangs on our every word, looks to us for leadership, love, and example…

Mike McDonell

President of Kidventure, Member of the rock band Audioroad, and writer of words in various orders.

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